Western Water Crisis | News on The 700 Club - June 5, 2023 (2023)


As seen on “The 700 Club,” June 5, 2023.

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Hey everyone welcome to the 700 Club I'm Andrew Knox in for Gordon Robertson, the nation's two largest reservoirs of the Colorado River have reached record low levels and 40 million Americans.

In seven states are feeling, the impact increased snow in the Rockies and a plan.

By three states to conserve water is helping to avoid a catastrophe.

And yet that's a short-term fix.

And a permanent solution is still needed Caitlin Burke reports, major winter storms.

Here in the Northwest left, the Rocky Mountains with one of the largest snowpacks on record as that snow melts, it's expected to help the depleted reservoirs of the Colorado River, which provides water for seven states.

Nature gave us a lifeline and we can't waste our Lifeline.

Right? The Colorado River feeds Lakes.

Powell and Mead the nation's largest reservoirs serving 40 million Americans it.

Would be a catastrophe if the water stopped flowing last year as the reservoirs began to reach dangerously, low levels the federal government stepped in ordering those states to significantly reduce water.

Use using the water rights did not work for Arizona and the new alternative to cut across the board.

Did not work for California and it's water rights.

So neither one worked.

And and what we said, all of us said, we need to come up with a solution, uh that utilizes what's on the table, Adel Hodge, Khalil, general manager of the Metropolitan water district of Southern California says, an agreement only happened when the Biden Administration threatened a plan of its own that state leaders, didn't feel served their best interests.

We've defer the crisis for uh, three years, maybe a little bit longer, but, um, it's, still a very urgent problem as a part of the New Deal, the three states consuming the most water from the Colorado River, Arizona, Nevada and California agreed to conserve about 13 of their total allocation in exchange they'll.

Receive about 1.2 billion dollars in federal funding, still it's, no long-term solution, I suspect that the really the only economical way we have to resolve this problem in the long term will be to reduce our.

Uh agricultural irrigation by about 25 Watershed Sciences, director, Jay Lund of the University of California Davis points out that states will ultimately have to adapt to drier conditions and hotter temperatures.

And he adds that preserving the Region's water supply will likely involve more Cuts.

None of us want to see a day where we don't have water.

And so we need to be smart.

We need to plan and work together to reduce our consumption and and manage with the reality that we have Hajj Khalil suggests working on projects aimed at recycling, more Wastewater, capturing storm water and cleaning up contaminated groundwater.

The next two to three years are expected to be crucial for those working on solutions for The, Chronic water supply, shortages here, something that will only be thought possible if everyone comes together, Andrew Caitlin.

Thank you.

You know, some Americans might look at this and think, oh it's just a problem for the West.

Why should all Americans be concerned about this water shortage? Well, an end to water out west, would also mean an end to farming.

And these states in question produce, a majority of the fruit vegetables and even nuts that the entire country depends on.

So as they continue to talk about water, conservation, they're going to have to look at agriculture watering.

These crops uses about 80 percent of the water that they're allotted.

And as they have to take a look and make more cuts, it will likely affect what we see on our shelves.


So this plant is considered more of a short-term fix.

Why is that? And what about you know possible? Long-Term issues needing to be addressed right? So this deal is basically, um, the federal government offering to pay states to use less water and that's, not something that is sustainable long term.

It would cost about a billion.

So these states need to start thinking of ways to stop using the Colorado River as their main water source.

They can't expect it to replenish because these dry conditions are expected to be here to stay so that's going to mean more building more infrastructure coming up with Creative Solutions to find another way to get water or just use less.


Last question.

So what are Western States doing to conserve water? Well, they're definitely used to a greater level of water conservation than many other states in the United States already Nevada Nevada is the state that is doing the most, even before the federal government stepped in to say you need to make some dramatic changes.

They already have been offering Financial incentives to Residents to get rid of grass.

They have water police who actually go around and make sure that people are following water, schedules and guidelines and Patrol for leaks.

And they also do extensive water.

Recycling, they're, actually already working on a Wastewater recycling project with California.

And we expect other states to really follow their lead all right? Good ideas, we're, hoping they work Caitlin.

Thank you so much for joining us today, really appreciate it.

And in other news residents in Northern Virginia were startled yesterday afternoon by a flurry of f-16s.

The fighter jets were scrambling to deal with a perceived threat to our nation's capital.

John Jessup has more on that story from our CBN News Bureau in Washington John.

Thanks Andrew with Sonic, Boom thundered over the nation's capital as fighter jets, sped to intercept a small plane that flew into restricted airspace, the capital and the White House were on high alert as two D.C National.

Guard Jets, went supersonic to catch the aircraft.

The military Pilots report, the Cessna pilot was unconscious and slept open slumped over a few minutes later, the plane crashed near George, Washington, National, Forest, four people were on board, including family members of the man who owns the aviation company they were returning to their home in Long Island.

The plane reached Long Island.

But instead of Landing turned and headed for DC, the FAA, and the NTSB are investigating the cause of the crash.

Well, a close encounter in the Taiwan strait between the U.S Navy destroyed between a U.S Navy destroyer, rather and a Chinese warship it's, only the latest in a series of aggressively risky and concerning moves by China's.

Military simeon's, Dale Hurd has the story.

New video today shows just how close a Chinese warship came to a U.S Navy destroyer in the Taiwan Strait Saturday, some 150 yards nearly causing a collision just last week.

A Chinese fighter jet flew within 400 feet of an American spy plane over the South China Sea causing the U.S plane to bounce wildly in the fighter, jets, wake U.S officials called the maneuver unnecessarily aggressive and part of a pattern by China retired, rear Admiral Mark Montgomery told cbn's, Faith, Nation, China's actions are ramping up tensions.

This is the second very very close Intercept in the last six months of one of these types of aircraft.

So really unprofessional actions by the Chinese China Fashions itself, a great power and then operates petulantly like this.

It really creates a crisis.

The risky engagements come as the relationship between the two countries has begun to fray with disagreements over everything from trade to Taiwan to rush his invasion of Ukraine, defense secretary, Lloyd Austin in Singapore, warned the Chinese government to reign in its conduct and offered them a choice to be clear.

We do not seek conflict or confrontation, but we will not flinch in the face of bullying or coercion.

China's defense minister told the U.S to quote mind your own business and call the American and Canadian military presence in the Taiwan Strait of provocation, the chairman of the house intelligence committee says, the U.S must stand strong against an increasingly aggressive China.

This is unacceptable.

And what we're seeing is an unbelievable aggression by China.

If you look at the balloon that flew over the United States, the Chinese police stations, the aggressiveness against our both planes and ships and International Water.

The White House is looking for a diplomatic fix to the worsening relations, sending a senior State Department official on a rare visit to Beijing.


Administration officials should stop chasing after their Chinese.

Communist counterparts, Like, Love, Struck, teenagers, it's, embarrassing and it's pathetic.

In fact, it projects weakness to China National Security adviser, Jake Sullivan says, the binded Administration will responsibly manage its relationship with China.

And at some point Joe Biden will meet again with China's.

President XI, Dale heard CBN News.

Thank you Dale, turning from China to Seoul South Korea, where a message of Peace took place as evangelist Franklin, Graham, preached, the gospel to 70 000 people, the Saturday event honoring the 50th anniversary of his father, Billy, Graham's historic crusade in the city, more than 3 million people attended.

The five-day 1973, Crusade, including more than a million at the final service.

The ministry reports, some 72 thousand made decisions to follow Christ around 5700.

Churches, took part in this weekend's celebration of that service true to his father's, Ministry, Franklin, Graham, preached, a gospel message and more than 6, 400 people Andrew committed their lives to Christ and John.

You know, Franklin's been busy.

He was in our studio just a few weeks ago.

And now this wonderful event commemorating five decades, the anniversary 50 years ago.

And that family, obviously an amazing amazing, spiritual, Legacy, continue I, ask you to pray for Franklin Graham and his wonderful Ministry.

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