Top 10 Hidden Gems on Hulu (2023)


Huly is full of hidden gems. For this list, we’ll be looking at Hulu original films and series you may not have known about! Our countdown includes "Woke," "Shrill," "Devs," and more! What's YOUR favorite Hulu hidden gem? Let us know in the comments!

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I just went with it, wow, you know, I just what do you think I should do welcome to.

Ms, mojo.

And today we're counting down.

Our picks for the top 10, hidden gems on hulu for this list we're, looking at hulu original films and series.

You may not have known about what's.

The best thing you've discovered through hulu.

Let us know in the comments number 10., dollface, even if you haven't heard of dollface you're likely familiar with some of its talented cast jeremy broke up with me.

I could have been coming by for something else.

You don't know, I don't know, I was your freshman roommate your best friend.

And the only person you told about being sexually attracted to that male cartoon character from kim possible.

The comedy series features, the acting talents of marvel.

Star kat, dennings, pretty little liar, shane, mitchell and the sweet life's.

Brenda song in leading roles in addition to featuring matthew grey gubler and beth grant in its supporting cast.

What did we do that was so serious? We watched some animated children's films, those weren't, too serious that's true.

We ate pizza, arguably the least serious of all foods.

Oh, pizza could be serious the series narrative revolves around a young woman who after a breakup realizes that she's ostracized other women while in her relationship, she attempts to remedy this by reconnecting with old friends from college.

And finally, getting to know her female co-workers.

I just want to painstakingly construct an aura of sophistication and maturity that is both effortless and natural.

This feels like the domestic equivalent of faking.

An orgasm, you know, they're never gonna get better.

If we keep pretending number nine, woke keith knight based on subversive american cartoonist.

Keith knight is a black cartoonist known for shying away from difficult topics in his work that was messed up bro.

I can't believe they did us like that.

Are you cool? You need some weed, no I'm, dude, I'm.

Good man, I'm, good, I'm, uh, I'll, catch you back at the flat he's close to making it big in his field with plans to make an appearance at golden con to introduce his work to a wider audience in the lead-up to the convention.

However, he is racially profiled by an antagonistic police officer, a traumatic experience that completely shakes up his view on life and art, mixing live action scenes with animated characters, the series stars, new girl actor, lamorne morris as the now woke.

Keith who must balance his newfound understanding of the world with his burgeoning career.

It is a new day.

It is a new attitude.

Number eight plan b with reproductive rights in the united states in flux.

It seems more important than ever to portray the difficulties of obtaining safe contraceptives in film.

So let's go to the pharmacy get you some aspirin and the plain people.

Just in case is there an alternative.

You mean, a plan b plan b does just that with a comedic slant.

It focuses on sunny a young girl who has a regretful encounter at a party.

She throws with her best friend lupe, wanting to avoid the ire of sonny's mother, the pair attempts to buy plan b at their pharmacy and are promptly denied any medical professional in the great state of south dakota can refuse to sell birth control drugs to someone if it goes against their beliefs and around here, it does this denial, causes them to take a road trip to the nearest city with a planned parenthood running into trouble.

Every step of the way, you know, I will trade you a few hits off of that for those friendship crystals that you stole you stole these.

They were really overpriced.

She took them that's.

Why I came out with the bat.

The film is directed by actress natalie morales known for her recurring roles in dead to me and parks and recreation, number 7, big time adolescence in recent years.

It seems that saturday night live alumnus pete davidson has become more known for who he dates off screen than what he does on screen for the first time pete officially confirming he and kim are a couple his acting talent should not be discounted, though as it's clear from the hulu original film, big time adolescence that he has the acting chops to carry an emotionally, driven dramedy.

Hey, hey, I'm.

Sorry, about our friend.

Uh, we found him in a dumpster he's.

A rescue it's.

All right.



I don't worry.

He got all the shots though so he won't bite he's chill.

The film follows a wide-eyed straight edge.

Teen named mo who becomes enamored with the laid-back lifestyle of his friend, zeke, a drug-dealing college dropout.

This unique narrative setup allows for a fresh approach to the coming of age sub-genre showcasing, how a teenager and young adult can both come of age in their own ways.

What am I wrong? No you're, right? And your advice will definitely work.

But you just use these tricks because you're a dick, maybe moe can just be himself and girls will like him because he's such a great guy.

Number six devs created by annihilation and ex-machina director.

Alex garland devs is a thrilling science fiction tale about a software engineer named lily chan who discovers that her workplace, amaya may not be what it seems.

What is it? Sergey is going in.

Whoa, yeah.

She begins investigating the quantum computing company and its ceo forest after her boyfriend dies on his first day at the job, the mini-series received four emmy nominations in below-the-line categories and showcased parks and recreation's nick offerman, giving a surprising dramatic performance in a major role, it's, fine, katie you're, right? Not just smarter than me.

Wiser, too devs has also been praised for its unique perspective on humanity and free will with theoretical physicist.

Sean carroll calling the show a quote, good change of pace from what is ordinarily seen in action movies that idea makes us uncomfortable we're, not used to things being in more than one place at the same time.

Number five high fidelity.

You might be familiar with the 2000, film high fidelity, or even the 1995 novel on which it was based, but did you know that hulu released a series adaptation of the same story in 2020? Oh man, yeah, the modernized adaptation of the popular romantic comedy features, a gender gender-swapped.

Rob as its protagonist played by the batman star.

Zoe, kravitz.

It was met with favorable critical reviews, which praised it for being a quote, fresh take on its source material and featured cameo appearances by music industry, legends, debbie, harry and jack antonoff.

You say, your final, good luck and goodbye to your all-time top five.

And you can move on.

Yes, break the pattern of heartbreak and free yourself, although it was cancelled by the streamer after a single season, the series is still an enjoyable and worthwhile.

Watch with an adequately satisfying end.

Okay, cool great.

Great great.

So this is what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna pop on some charles mason.

And we can all just vibe out to that that sound cool for you.

Charles manson made music.

Why would you like to buy that for your boyfriend, too it's, actually, hardly good number four, minding the gap on its surface, the academy award nominated minding.

The gap appears to be a casual film about skateboarding and friendship.

I actually spend like the majority of my time here alone.

What do you think that is it's? Mainly just? Because I I always felt like I didn't fit in with my family.

It draws from old footage of the director and his friends, frequenting skate parks as teens comparing their past dynamic to the men they've become as the film goes on.

However, it becomes clear that it is not solely about the camaraderie of skate culture.

I can't, remember when you opened up to me about your mom and stuff, but I knew you never really told me about anything about what was going on with you.

And I guess in retrospect.

Now, when I look at it I'm like, I should have totally figured that out as director bing, liu learns more about the adult lives of his childhood friends.

He discovers how the heartbreaking and complicated realities of the cycle of abuse have affected their lives and the lives around them with an incredibly personal perspective.

Minding the gap is an honest and harrowing portrayal of the complexity of human nature.

It's, frustrating, it's like you're supposed to be like my homie.

But I feel like I don't know, the real you number three shrill.

Annie is happy with her body, but society isn't.

You actually have a really small frame.

There is a small person inside of you dying to get out in this body, positive comedy series, starring snl alum, edie, bryant, a woman deals with her demanding boss, sick, parents and substandard dating life at a weight that everyone around her deems bad.

He implied that I need to be less fat to do good work in defiance of public opinion.

Annie sees herself on equal footing with her skinnier peers and does everything in her power to prove it to those around her, although the series was largely overlooked by the general public it received critical acclaim on sites like rotten tomatoes and metacritic and even landed its star, an emmy nomination for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series.

What exactly is your business, oh make up for your legs.

Oh like to cover the gross skin on your legs.

And so is that a big problem for most women.

Yeah, maybe the biggest number two, palm springs.

It feels as if the groundhog day time loop, gimmick has been done to death as of late with films like happy death day and shows like russian doll, all employing the concept for their narratives, it's impossible to destroy.

You you'll never die.

I am dying constantly.

Nonetheless, palm springs provides a fun and fresh take on the now common trope, throwing the viewer in mid-cycle and allowing its charming lead played by snl alum.

Andy samberg to fill in the missing pieces it's.

One of those infinite time loop situations you might heard about that.

I might have heard about.

Yeah, this summer rom-com boasts, a claim from both critics and audiences alike and features, the acting chops of academy award winner jk, simmons in the film's antagonist role.

Sorry about that.

Mr police man, I thought you were someone else should always go with that first instinct bird, hi roy before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable.

Mentions rami, rami, hassan struggles to respect his egyptian upbringing as an american millennial.

If you're gonna do it do it? Yeah, yeah.

No I'm.


Gonna do it great? So I'll, see you in like 30 days? Yeah, I'll.

See you in 30 days, run mother, doesn't always know best in this tense, thriller, starring american horror, story's, sarah, paulson, what's wrong with it.

I don't know wiring.

Maybe if I had an iphone, I could probably tell you, you know, yeah, yeah, you'll figure it out happiest season a sweet holiday rom-com with a lesbian twist, starring kristen, stewart and mackenzie davis.

You say that.

But what you're actually doing is tricking the woman you claim to love by trapping her in a box of heteronormativity and trying to make her your property.

She is not a rice cooker, difficult people, two amateur comedians struggle to get by and grow resentful of their friend's successes.

Oh sad old billy.

He only ever gets to go shopping for antidepressants and metamucil wafers.

You know what? Matthew sometimes when I hear you speak, I think I should join the westboro baptist church.

Fresh a date spells disaster for noah, who gets tied up in her new boyfriend's, horrifying, hobby.

Do you live around here? Because I live on aisle six.

I just come to the fruit section to talk to random very good looking people that stand near it before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring.

The bell to get notified about our latest videos.

You have the option to be notified for occasional videos, or all of them if you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one, pen, 15.

Do you remember what it was like to be in middle school? You guys stop this is like so mean, just tell her you're g-I-s, you just you're good, wait, what oh honey, don't, you know, it means ugliest girl in school, maya erskine and anna conkle do and they've recreated their experiences warts and all in their coming-of-age cringe comedy series.

Penn 15.

The two showrunners also star in the series as their younger selves alongside an actual teenage cast a unique decision, which sets pen 15 apart from other series of the same milk.

Brendan's totally over you completely.

He is he's dating icebox.

Now I guess what I didn't know that I didn't even know he's in girls like that so produced by lonely island members, andy samberg, akiva, shaffer and yarma toconi.

The series has received multiple primetime, emmy nominations during its short run and emerged as a critical favorite.

I mean, it's, pretty obvious, that's, absolutely nasty.

Crazy like crazy.

Crazy, crazy, you're, crazy, whatever do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from ms, mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring, the bell to be notified about our latest videos.


Top 10 Hidden Gems on Hulu? ›

A lock on a movie or TV show may mean that your Hulu standard account doesn't have access to the content. This happens when you are trying to stream content in a different category that requires premium add-ons or is offered only in the upgraded Hulu Plus subscription.

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What are locked shows on Hulu? ›

A lock on a movie or TV show may mean that your Hulu standard account doesn't have access to the content. This happens when you are trying to stream content in a different category that requires premium add-ons or is offered only in the upgraded Hulu Plus subscription.

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These are videos that you've indicated you're not interested in, are inappropriate, or have already watched. We'll keep them out of future recommendations, but they'll still appear in search results. Each profile has its own list. To view and manage videos watched with a different profile, switch to that profile.

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