SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (2024)

SIX FinTech Ventures

SIX supports national and international start-ups from the world of finance that have ideas and solutions for new services, design more efficient processes or capture new customer groups.

SIX FinTech Venture is a CHF 50 Million corporate venture capital fund that invests in global early stage startups. Our aim is to provide the Swiss and Spanish Financial Center with cutting edge technologies, business models, and solutions that meet customer expectations. We are the trusted partner for start-ups looking to grow and establish in the financial industry.SIX Fintech Ventures' advisory mandate is with Tenity, the global innovation ecosystem and early-stage investor.

Our Investment Focus

SIX invests to develop promising start-ups in the financial services space. We provides the expertise of our teams and promise a long term vision to drive a shared success.

Start-ups need to meet certain requirements to be eligible as a candidate for SIX FinTech Ventures. SIX wants to work with small and highly scalable independent companies that can grow on their own. We focus on companies that provide value to the Swiss financial center.


All relevant segments of the financial industry with a focus on:

  • wealth management
  • capital markets
  • RegTech
  • token ecosystems


We include relevant emerging technologies like:

  • blockchain
  • artificial intelligence
  • big data
  • internet of things
  • augmented reality/virtual reality


We mainly invest in startups from:

  • Switzerland
  • Western Europe
  • opportunistically in other global regions

Stage & Ticket

Focus on Seed to Series A

We like to initially invest in a ticket betweenCHF 200’000 to CHF 3 Millions in a first round

Portfolio Companies

Current Portfolio Companies

SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (1)

ETH spin-off offering a reliable, secure next generation network for B2B communications, combining the security and reliability of private networks with the universality and openness of today’s internet. Multipath communication, instant failover, DDoS defense, deep network insights and automatically choice of the best network path to meet reliability, performance and trust requirements for mission critical applications.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (2)

Archilysemakes architecture and real estate quality digitally and objectivelymeasurable, comparable and understandable for everybody. Based ondata analyticswe providequalitative KPIsto empower decisions and optimise processes along the entire real estate value chain.

SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (3)

Edgeless Systems is a German cybersecurity startup. Edgeless' mission is to build the open-source software stack for confidential computing. Confidential computing is a new and groundbreaking security paradigm that enables the always encrypted and verifiable processing of sensitive data at scale. With it, companies can use the cloud like on-prem and implement new data-driven business models.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (4)

Keyrock is a Brussels-based digital asset market maker. Through their proprietary algorithmic technologies, Keyrock provides scalable, adaptable liquidity solutions to marketplaces and asset issuers, and is active on around 70+ exchanges worldwide. Keyrock’s aim is to increase the liquidity of all financial assets, and in this way to make markets fairer and more efficient for all participants.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (5)

Obligate is radically facilitating trade finance & money markets by using eNotesTM, a disruptive short-term financing & payment instrument. In essence, an eNoteTM is an unconditional promise to pay a specific sum to another party at a specific future date. The eNoteTM is based on Blockchain technology and can be flexibly sold and transferred to any third party (i.e. an investor). When compared to other financing options, eNotesTM as negotiable instruments outperform through their financial steering capabilities and global transferability.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (6)

PXL Vision is a Swiss high-tech spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). It provides leading solutions to enable trusted digital identities for the interaction between businesses and individuals. PXL Vision’s Daego seamless solution allows the automatic creation and administration of secure digital identities.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (7)

RaiseNow leverages tomorrow’s technology to enable changemakers today. Individual supporters and international organisations alike benefit from our powerful end-to-end fundraising solution. We empower fundraisers and advance their missions to collect donations in a more efficient, user-friendly, and successful way than before. Bringing digital fundraising to the next level, our platform handles all the needs of a nonprofit organisation - from online donation and payment processing, to peer-to-peer fundraising and seamless integrations with existing tools.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (8)

Relio is a Swiss fintech providing accounts for SMEs based on digital onboarding and compliance processes. Many companies lose weeks in the account opening process. With Relio, you complete the KYC process in just a few clicks.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (9)

TAINA is an award-winning regulatory technology company leveraging cutting edge technology to empower financial institutions globally to automate their FATCA, CRS and QI compliance. TAINA’s fully-automated FATCA, CRS and QI Compliance Platform is being used at scale by Big 4, global financial institutions of all types to save costs, reduce risks and transform their customers’ experience. TAINA is on a mission to revolutionize client lifecycle management step by step by building the best-in-class regulatory technology.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (10)

Toqio is a SaaS fintech platform that enable any business, not just banks, to create game changing, data driven, finance propositions that can be rapidly deployed to their customers where and when they need it. Toqio helps customers to accelerate and cost effectively build new financial propositions through the ready-to-launch Fintech SaaS platform and marketplace.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (11)

Launched in late 2016 Tradeplus24 specializes in supporting SMEs & Mid-Market companies with their working capital financing needs. Partnered with Credit Suisse and Switzerland’s largest insurance advisor Kessler & Co AG (Marsh Network) it provides an innovative worldwide receivables backed lending solutions that makes raising funds simpler and more cost effective.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (12)

vestr facilitates the creation and life-cycle management of actively managed certificates, a fast and cost-effective way of replacing investment funds. vestr graduated from Tenity accelerator program and was the winner of Venture Kick Stage I.

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SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (13)

Yokoy is a Swiss FinTech startup that leverages Artificial Intelligence to fully automate all expense- and company credit card processes to save time and money, prevent fraud, increase employee satisfaction and to allow for valuable data insights. The company was founded in 2019.

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Our Network

Aside from investing, SIX FinTech Ventures provides in close collaboartion with Tenity coaching, consulting and offers valuable networking connections across the financial industry. With its experts and an international shareholder structure of over 120 banks, SIX has the tools and resources needed to support start-ups throughout their entire growth journey.

SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (14)

SIX Is an Essential Partner and Shareholder of Tenity

SIX is a founding member and shareholder of Tenity Incubator & Accelerator. Tenity advises start-ups on setting up companies and supports their collaboration with various market participants. The accelerator speeds up ideas by bringing heads together and creating new products for the financial industry. SIX regularly sends internal start-ups to Tenity.

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As an expert in the field of financial technology (FinTech), with a deep understanding of venture capital investments and emerging technologies, I'll delve into the concepts and terms mentioned in the article about SIX FinTech Ventures.

  1. SIX FinTech Ventures:

    • SIX FinTech Ventures is a corporate venture capital fund with a budget of CHF 50 million.
    • It invests primarily in early-stage startups in the financial services sector.
  2. Investment Focus:

    • SIX focuses on developing promising startups within the financial services domain.
    • Startups need to meet specific criteria, including scalability and value addition to the Swiss financial sector.
  3. Industry Segments:

    • The fund targets various segments within the financial industry, including wealth management, capital markets, RegTech (regulatory technology), and token ecosystems.
  4. Technology:

    • SIX is interested in startups utilizing emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things (IoT), and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR).
  5. Geographical Focus:

    • The primary investment focus is on startups from Switzerland and Western Europe, with occasional investments in other global regions.
  6. Investment Stage & Ticket Size:

    • SIX typically invests in startups at the seed to Series A stage.
    • Initial investments range from CHF 200,000 to CHF 3 million in the first round.
  7. Portfolio Companies:

    • The article lists several portfolio companies of SIX FinTech Ventures, showcasing a diverse range of innovative startups in the financial technology space.
    • These companies include:
      • A Swiss spin-off offering secure B2B communication networks.
      • Archilyse, which digitizes architecture and real estate quality assessment through data analytics.
      • Edgeless Systems, a German cybersecurity startup focusing on confidential computing.
      • Keyrock, a digital asset market maker based in Brussels.
      • Obligate, a trade finance facilitator using eNotesTM based on blockchain.
      • PXL Vision, providing solutions for trusted digital identities.
      • RaiseNow, a platform for digital fundraising.
      • Relio, offering SME accounts based on digital onboarding and compliance.
      • TAINA, a regulatory technology company automating compliance processes.
      • Toqio, a SaaS fintech platform enabling businesses to create finance propositions.
      • Tradeplus24, supporting working capital financing for SMEs & Mid-Market companies.
      • vestr, facilitating actively managed certificates.
      • Yokoy, automating expense- and company credit card processes using AI.
  8. Network and Collaboration:

    • SIX FinTech Ventures collaborates closely with Tenity, providing coaching, consulting, and networking opportunities.
    • SIX is a founding member and shareholder of Tenity Incubator & Accelerator, fostering collaboration and innovation in the financial industry.

In summary, SIX FinTech Ventures is a significant player in the financial technology investment landscape, supporting innovative startups and fostering technological advancements in the financial services sector, primarily in Switzerland and Western Europe.

SIX FinTech Ventures | SIX (2024)
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