International Calling Codes: Your Ultimate Guide for Hassle-Free Calls (2023)


Planning an international call but drowning in a sea of confusing codes? Fret not! Our comprehensive guide is here to rescue you from the calling code maze. Say goodbye to dialing dilemmas and hello to effortless international connections.

Finding the Right Code

Country Code Search Tool

Lost in the labyrinth of calling codes? Our user-friendly country code search tool is your beacon. Simply choose your country, the destination country, and voila! The right international calling code is at your fingertips.

Making an International Call from the USA or Canada

For calls to most countries, dial: 011 + country code + phone number. Dialing within the North American Numbering Plan? It's as easy as 1 + area code + 7-digit local number.

Search Calling Codes From Any Country or Region

No matter where you are, dial your country's exit code + destination country code + phone number. It’s that straightforward!

Popular Country Codes

Ever wondered about the country code for the USA, UK, Mexico, India, or China? Bookmark this section for quick reference.

  • Calling the USA: +1
  • Calling the UK: +44
  • Calling Mexico: +52
  • Calling India: +91
  • Calling China: +86

For an exhaustive list, refer to our alphabetical country code listing.

Time Zones and More

Navigate time zones effortlessly with our guide. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we've got you covered with accurate time zone information.

Planning a Move Abroad?

International insurance plans are crucial. Explore our tips on health, travel, and trip insurance to ensure a seamless transition.

Tips for Calling Internationally

Calls to Cell Phones

Beware of higher rates! Understand the difference in charges for calls to cell phones versus fixed lines.

Trunk Codes and Dialing

If the international number starts with a 0, drop it. Plus sign (+) or your country's exit code? We clarify the confusion.

Avoid Extra Charges

Don't fall prey to hidden fees. Learn about the pitfalls of using calling cards for international calls.

Additional Resources

Living abroad? Expats, global nomads, and travelers, check out valuable resources for international dialing codes and calling cards.

International Calling Cards

Looking for cost-effective international calls? Discover the benefits of international calling cards and choose the right one for you.

Global Insurance Services

Ensure your health and peace of mind with our premier travel health and expat insurance plans. Explore comprehensive coverage options at .

In a world where communication knows no borders, let our guide be your passport to seamless international calls. Dial smart, dial informed!

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